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They're Firing Up the Welcome Wagon.


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The Vision

The Vision, That's Now a Reality.

Experience It. Live It.


Rendering of Malco at Greensborough Village

Malco at Greensborough Village Opened Fall 2021

Imagine if the phrase "Having the world at your finger tips" was your daily reality. At Greensborough VIllage, that's exactly what you'll have.  As Jonesboro's first and largest master planned community, everything you will need or want will be right next door...or just around the corner! Living, working, shopping, dining, playing...YOU CAN DO IT ALL RIGHT HERE IN GREENSBOROUGH VILLAGE.


With the lone exception of the main campus at Arkansas State University, GBV is destined to earn its place as the single largest development in the history of Jonesboro to date.

Spanning over 200 acres, this first-of-its-kind mixed use development is coming out of the ground to great expectations and high anticipation. Heralded as “market-changing” for Jonesboro, this new development will give residents the ability to live, work, shop, eat and play in a single setting. Combining the best of southern charm with the edginess of new urbanism, Greensborough Village is setting new standards for both residential and commercial development.

Situated along one of the most highly traveled thoroughfares in Northeast Arkansas, this “city within a city” is strategically located across from Arkansas State University and between the new NEA Baptist Healthcare campus and St. Bernards downtown Medical Mile….placing it directly in the center of the regions three largest employers, with over 7,000 employees coming and going every single day. Combine that with over 12,000 ASU students, and you have a tremendous built-in market LITERALLY at your doorstep. So, in the event that you live in GBV but don't work here or vice-versa; you're never too far from any of Jonesboro's hubs.

As a planned community, there are limited spots for specific retail and service niches. Make sure you find out early exactly how you can be a part of this exciting new project, and more importantly how you can "Experience It. and Live It."

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